Making history

The first Monokini 2.0 Charity Catwalk show was held in the historical indoor swimming pool of Yrjönkatu in Helsinki, Finland.

This show was remarkable! Monokini 2.0 doesn’t hide or cover. It reveals, empowers and celebrates the courage of women who have history with breast cancer.

Monokini 2.0 catwalk show brought together professionals from art and fashion. Unique swimsuits were designed by well-regarded Finnish designers. Musician Astrid Swan and choir "Mamo" were playing live at the show. Synchronized swimming team performed and bold women walked on the stage. Hostesses were the artists behind the Monokini 2.0 project - Ms Katriina Haikala and Ms Vilma Metteri.

The show was supported by Breast cancer association - Europa Donna Finland and the event was organized for raising money to Finnish Cancer Foundation.


Copyright Veera Konsti, Laura Mainiemi, Sanna Vihervuori, Kristina Oinonen